But, guess what: you don't need to learn how to be one. Cause the truth of the matter is, you don't *need* an interior designer...you can do all this on your own. 

Also, let's get real: it's time to stop ignoring the fact that your home isn't always place you love to be in cause you don't like how it looks. I know you have good intentions, and I know you *believe* that you really, truly, pinky swear promise think that you're finally going to find a piece of art for over your couch. Or that you really, truly, pinky swear promise think that you're *finally* going to work on finding linens for your bed that aren't just meh. But yeeeeeah: you haven't done that yet. And it shows. 

It's time to stop being polite, and start getting real.

When you live in a space that you don't love, and surround yourself with crap that you don't love, it has a real deal, every day affect on your life. And not in a good way. That's exactly why I care about this shit...and that's why you should too. 

So that's why we're going to spend just a few months getting your place in order, zhushing things up and finally taking care of lotsof the design and organizing stuff that you keep meaning to tackle, but then don't. 

This isn’t a whole house makeover. If you’re looking for someone to knock on your door with a camera and a construction crew, you’re in the wrong spot. And yes: you might have to buy some stuff for your home (though that's not a requirement). But in the end, if you do what I tell you, you're going to have a space that feels totally transformed for the better.

So, if you’re ready to commit to making some easy, small changes around your joint that will make a huge difference in both how your home looks and how you feel in your space, you-n-me are gonna be besties.